Disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump threatened to invoke executive privilege to block the 1/6 Select Committee from obtaining thousands of pages of records that could implicate him in the Capitol insurrection.

The committee requested records of phone calls, memos, and other documentation this week that signals a systematic investigation wide in scope, and one that could put Trump and his allies in further legal peril should the documents provide evidence that the insurrection was planned in advance. The committee requested documents going all the way back to April 2020.

Of course, Trump basically incriminated himself by throwing a fit about the document request, which he did via a statement posted by a proxy on Twitter because he no longer has a Twitter account.

“Unfortunately, this partisan exercise is being performed at the expense of long-standing legal principles of privilege,” Trump said. “Executive privilege will be defended, not just on behalf of my Administration and the Patriots who worked beside me, but on behalf of the Office of the President of the United States and the future of our Nation.”

First of all, the committee is bipartisan because there are two Republicans serving on it. More Republicans would have been serving on the committee had House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) not revoked his selections after two of his more extreme choices were rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

As for Trump’s executive privilege threat, he doesn’t have that power anymore because he is no longer president. Trump would have to sue to have the privilege asserted and legal experts pointed out that privilege does not cover crimes committed in office and would be an uphill legal battle that he would ultimately lose as Nixon did during the Watergate scandal.

Trump may be able to delay the release of the documents, but the committee is coming for him and those who helped him for attacking our democracy.

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