Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows dared to lay the chaos in Afghanistan at President Joe Biden’s feet this week, only to get rightfully called out by Americans who know better.

Meadows has a vested interest in blaming the Biden administration because he is tied to the Trump administration. As we all know, disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump is the one who negotiated the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. He is also the one who helped free 5,000 Taliban fighters who are running amok in the war-torn country and even secured the release of the Taliban leader, all while reducing our troop presence to only 2,500. Yet, Meadows made it seem that the Biden administration is to blame.

The chaos that is unfolding now would have happened under a second Trump term had he actually won the election instead of losing by over seven million votes. Except it would have been much worse because Trump would have abandoned the tens of thousands of those who are being evacuated to be slaughtered by the Taliban. Just ask our Kurdish allies in Syria. It would be even more of a bloodbath.

The Biden administration is certainly not inept, incompetent, and callous. It’s the Trump administration that Meadows is describing to a tee, which Twitter users reminded him.

Republicans are desperate to pin Afghanistan on Biden because they know that Trump is to blame and they are the ones who enabled him. If anyone should resign, it’s every Republican in Congress.

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