The Supreme Court will be placed under a microscope by Senate Democrats after the conservative Justices seemingly abused the “shadow docket” to allow an unconstitutional anti-abortion law to take effect in Texas.

In a midnight ruling that opens the door for other red states to pass similar laws, the Supreme Court refused to block a six-week abortion ban that will allow private citizens to sue anyone who provides a woman an abortion or helps her get one, basically turning these citizens into bounty hunters who can violate privacy rights for a $10,000 payday.

The 5-4 ruling came without a proper hearing about the new law, with only Chief Justice John Roberts joining the three liberal Justices in opposition.

Outrage over the ruling has ensued ever since, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pledging to bring up legislation for a vote that would codify Roe v. Wade.

But Senate Democrats are also taking action by forming a panel to probe the high court’s clear abuse of the shadow docket, use of which has been rampant, especially during Donald Trump’s failed presidency.

“The Supreme Court must operate with the highest regard for judicial integrity in order to earn the public’s trust,” Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said in a statement. “This anti-choice law is a devastating blow to Americans’ constitutional rights — and the Court allowed it to see the light of day without public deliberation or transparency. At a time when public confidence in government institutions has greatly eroded, we must examine not just the constitutional impact of allowing the Texas law to take effect, but also the conservative Court’s abuse of the shadow docket.”

Again, the conservatives on the court issued this ruling without a hearing hoping to quietly gut Roe v. Wade despite a majority of Americans supporting legalized abortion. Clearly, Supreme Court reform is in order and Democrats should end the filibuster to make way for passage of legislation that will expand the court. The conservative Justices offered no valid reason to rule the way they did and now millions of women and girls have lost their rights and are targets for anti-abortion fanatics who want to suppress women and make a quick buck in the process. This cannot be allowed to stand and it cannot be allowed to happen again.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons