President Joe Biden fired Kellyanne Conway and several other Trump appointees from their positions on military academy advisory boards this week, and she had plenty of hypocritical complaints about it that drew laughter on Twitter.

Prior to leaving office in disgrace, Donald Trump appointed Conway to the United States Air Force Academy advisory board even though she’s totally unqualified to serve in such a position. Her presence on the board is particularly disturbing and a threat to national security because her former boss incited an insurrection to overthrow democracy and wanted the military to help him stay in power.

On Wednesday, Biden requested resignations from Conway and other Trump appointees despite the positions being three-year terms.

Again, these Trump appointees should not be on these boards because their former boss committed treason and they are positioned to spread right-wing propaganda and influence future generations of troops. The bad influence and propaganda could bring about chaos in the ranks and result in a military coup to keep a Republican president in power. Therefore, keeping Conway and other Trump appointees in their positions on these boards is an unacceptable risk.

In response, Conway whined about the request and complained that “presidential norms” are not being adhered to, which is hypocritical because Trump violated every presidential norm he could in the four years he was in office, including the tradition of a peaceful transition of power. She also demanded that Biden resign the presidency despite there being no reason for him to do so.

Americans ripped her hypocrisy.

Conway is not qualified to serve on a military advisory board because she enabled Trump for years as he violated presidential norms and tried to overthrow democracy. Frankly, she should be prosecuted, especially since she violated federal law on multiple occasions by ignoring the Hatch Act. She’s a disgrace to this country. And while many Americans expressed glee with her firing, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) put it best:

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