Just hours after President Joe Biden announced new COVID vaccine requirements for workers, several GOP governors took to social media and proceeded to have tantrums despite the fact that in most cases their states are seeing a terrifying number of new cases and deaths.

Specifically, Biden said the federal government would now require:

  • All employers with over 100 employees either mandate vaccinations or weekly testing
  • Vaccinations for all federal workers and contractors
  • The nation’s 17 million health care workers at facilities that receive federal funds must be vaccinated

The actions, Biden explained, are meant to help the country control the spread of COVID, which is overwhelming hospitals in some states and resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans each week.

That was all it took to send some Republicans over the edge, with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott daring to use the words “right to choose” just days after he signed the most draconian restrictions on abortion in the U.S.

Gov. Kevin Stitt also said he would refuse to obey the new federal vaccine mandates:

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves suggested Biden was a tyrant:

And Brad Little of Idaho, where hospitals are so overwhelmed with COVID patients that they have started rationing care, complained about “government overreach.”

Kay Ivey of Alabama suggested that the president’s actions were “outrageous.”

In the name of some amorphous notion of “freedom,” Republicans are killing their constituents to curry favor with the most extreme members of their party.

Featured Image Via NBC News