President Joe Biden was in Colorado to discuss climate change and the bipartisan infrastructure bill that would help alleviate some of the factors that contribute to the incredibly violent weather patterns we’ve seen in recent years.

Biden noted that climate change is indeed real and we know the cause of it:

“We know what’s causing climate change: human activity. This is no longer subject to debate.”

But it was what the president said next that’s sure to enrage former President Donald Trump, who can’t respond on social media because he’s been banned from the two largest platforms, Facebook and Twitter:

“And I might add, windmills do not cause cancer.”

Trump, of course, has repeatedly attacked wind turbines and windmills, suggesting that they kill millions of birds each year (not true) and cause cancer.

What?! Cancer from windmills?!

In 2019, Trump claimed the noise from windmills causes cancer. It most definitely doesn’t.

Social media joined the trolling of Trump, with many people noting that Biden knows just how to push the Donald’s buttons:

Featured Image Via NBC News