Insurrectionist Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) opened her mouth again and incited gun violence against the federal government ahead of another right-wing rally in Washington DC.

Boebert should already be in trouble with federal prosecutors for inciting insurrection on January 6th and live-tweeting the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). She also seemed to threaten gun violence against Pelosi in a campaign ad. And she most recently urged evangelicals to violently revolt against the Biden White House.

Now she’s inciting gun violence against the federal government by calling the Second Amendment the only “true check…on tyranny.”

Of course, Biden was not president until just nine months ago, not two years. And seeing how her remarks come just days before another right-wing rally in our nation’s capital, she appears to be trying to incite another insurrection attempt with her dangerous and false rhetoric.

Support for gun control measures has been consistently high among Americans at well over 50 percent. Even down seven percent support for gun control is still higher than the percentage who oppose.

Twitter users took Boebert to the woodshed for not understanding the Second Amendment and for inciting insurrection.

The government under Biden’s watch does not want to “rule over us,” it is trying to save us from tyrannical conservative loons like Boebert who want to burn the country to the ground. Boebert supported the insurrection attempt to overthrow democracy. It does not get more tyrannical or treasonous than that. Republicans are also trying to kill voting rights and the right to choose. Biden just wants to keep us from dying from coronavirus and to give us a desperately needed infrastructure bill.

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