Even though they have already conducted election audits in numerous states and counties that former President Donald Trump lost to President Joe Biden last November, some Republicans are now demanding similar audits in counties that Trump won by double digits, according to a report from NBC News:

Former President Donald Trump won Mesa County, Colorado, by 28 points in last fall’s election.

In Barry County, Michigan, he won by more than 32 points. And in Lander County, Nevada, his victory was in excess of 61 points.

Yet in each county, Republican officials have sought to further investigate those results and, in some cases, suggested they may not be accurate. That’s despite no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election there or elsewhere.

What exactly is going on here? According to Jena Griswold, the Democratic secretary of state in Colorado, there’s only one explanation: “The Big Lie is getting bigger. The threat to democracy is increasing.”

Trump won Fulton County, Pennsylvania, by a whopping 72 points over Biden, and yet GOP officials in the county hired a private IT company, Wake TSI, to conduct reviews of its election. And the ulterior motive couldn’t be more clear, according to Vic Bassetti, a senior adviser at States United Democracy Center, which is a nonpartisan elections advocacy group:

“You can see that Fulton County was almost a pilot or a test run of the effort in Pennsylvania, and then the county commissioner from Fulton shows up in Harrisburg, and says to everyone ‘Well, as I did in my county. Why can’t you?’”

The constant questioning of election results also winds up undermining confidence in the electoral process itself, which seems to be a motive for Republicans, who seem eager to destroy faith in elections as a way of keeping or regaining power. If they can convince enough voters that the process is rigged, they hope voters will stay away from the polls or be more willing to accept bogus conspiracy theories when GOP candidates lose.

The Big Lie is a threat to democracy itself.

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