For years, there have been debates about which of former President Donald Trump’s three oldest children he loves the most and and which one is considered to the be slowest or dumbest among Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

According to their cousin, Mary Trump, it’s not even close: She thinks Don Jr. is by far the stupidest of the Trump spawn.

Speaking with John Aravosis and Cliff Schecter, Mary explained that her father, Freddy, was supposed to be the son that took over Fred Trump’s real estate business, but he wasn’t interested in following in his father’s footsteps and became a pilot instead. As a result, Donald became the heir to Fred Trump’s business holdings.

A similar dynamic has taken place with Donald Trump his three eldest kids, Mary noted: Donald has always favored Ivanka over Don Jr., who is considered inside the family as the least intelligent of the children:

“Just in terms of the situation into which he was born, he shares that with my dad. You know, the oldest son of ‘powerful person’ — well, I think Donald is the weakest person on the planet but he’s been propped up so much. So, clearly, though he certainly did not deserve it, he had a lot of influence, had a lot of money, which was my grandfather’s money, so I think Donnie was born with the same expectation that my father was born with, which was, you’re the oldest son. You carry the name … and you must follow in the footsteps and surpass what your father has accomplished, and you have to do it exactly according to his preferences.”

But while her father chose to strike out on his own, Mary continued, Don Jr. never had the fire or the bravery to do the same:

“Donnie is weak in a different way. He had no intention of striking out on his own. He had no intention of doing anything but sucking up and toeing the line, and the problem is — one of the problems is — and who knows how this happens — but kind of the same problem that happened to him happened to my dad. My grandfather, for whatever reason, didn’t like my father and saw something in his sibling Donald, and the only thing that’s weird is that Donald did the same thing but with Ivanka.

“Donald had this thing for Ivanka really early on and Donnie was left in the dust, and yet, he still tries, doesn’t he? I think he’s like many people in my family. He has no core. He has no ideology.”

Sad and pathetic, but Don Jr. should have distanced himself from his father a long time ago. Now he never will, and that means he’s trapped in a co-dependent relationship with his old man that will leave him thinking he’s unlovable and second best.

And you thought your family was dysfunctional?

Here’s the video:

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