Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany continued lying about President Joe Biden on Thursday by blaming him for the increased murder rate in 2020 when Donald Trump was still in office.

McEnany never told the truth during her time as Trump’s press secretary, and she hasn’t told the truth about Biden since leaving the White House in disgrace.

In yet another false attack on Biden, McEnany pointed to a chart on Twitter and claimed that he is to blame for the 2020 murder rate, only to delete the post upon realizing that her former boss was actually president at the time. Then she doubled down on the same chart and added Democratic mayors to the list of those she blames.

Again, the 30 percent increase in homicides in 2020 occurred under Trump’s watch. Biden did not become president until January 2021. Furthermore, the murder rate has actually dropped this year. And McEnany’s claim that Democrats are defunding the police is also a lie. In fact, Republicans are the ones who voted to block legislation that would have provided funding to police departments across the nation.

Twitter users humiliated McEnany.

There need to be serious consequences for serial liars like McEnany.

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