In a tweet that should get her permanently banned from Twitter, QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) falsely accused a Democratic lawmaker of “slaughtering babies” and hurled nasty insults at her.

Greene aimed her hateful vitriol at Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) on the Capitol steps on Friday by screaming at her like a deranged Karen as Dingell spoke to reporters during a press conference over House Democrats passing legislation to protect abortion rights in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to let draconian abortion restrictions take effect in Texas.

“She was screaming at all my colleagues… I said, ‘Can’t you be civil to your colleagues?’ She was yelling at them… She was trying to be disruptive and rude to all my colleagues,” Dingell told USA Today. “She was trying to bully and disrupt (my) colleagues. We’re already on edge. We can disagree agreeably. She doesn’t have to go and yell and cause a scene at a press conference.”

But Greene apparently refuses to be civil. Not only did she accuse Dingell of killing babies, but she also hurled Trump-like playground insults at her and referred to her as a “piece of sh*t” the very next day.

This is behavior that is not only unbecoming of a member of Congress, it’s a violation of Twitter’s community standards and should result in Greene being finally banned from the platform and slapped with a reprimand in the House. Frankly, Greene should be expelled for her outrageous behavior, which continues to get even more outrageous every day, bordering on the downright dangerous because she seems to be inflaming her supporters to eventually commit violence against Democrats. There must be immediate consequences for this or else it will only get worse.

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