Congressional Republicans won a baseball game against their Democratic colleagues on Wednesday for the first time since 2016, and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) wasted no time using the result to troll the GOP’s election fraud lies.

Despite the nation being in serious peril as the threat of default on the national debt looms, not to mention the fact that budget and infrastructure bills still need to be passed, Republicans and Democrats spent time playing their annual game of baseball in a fake show of bipartisanship. After all, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has made it clear that his party doesn’t care about bipartisanship anymore.

Both sides apparently focused on offense instead of defense, and the Republicans eked out a narrow one-run victory 13-12.

In response to the Republican win, Khanna used the opportunity to troll them by calling for a recount and demanding the rules of the game be rigged so that Democrats never lose again, an obvious reference to Republican election fraud lies and their voter suppression efforts.

“I don’t care if the scoreboard said Republicans 13, Democrats 12. Democrats won! The Republicans stole the game! I demand a recount! I want an audit! Democrats must introduce new rules to make it more difficult for Republicans to hit, run, score, and catch the ball for outs,” Khanna wrote on Twitter.

This is exactly how Republicans behaved after Donald Trump lost the 2020 Election to President Joe Biden. The only difference is that Khanna is kidding while Republicans are not. One could even add that Democratic supporters did not violently storm the ball field to prevent the umpire and scorekeepers from making the final score of the game official like Trump supporters tried to overthrow democracy on January 6th when they violently stormed the Capitol. It’s likely several of the Republicans playing in that softball game wanted to see their Democratic colleagues get murdered that day.

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