Fox News host Sean Hannity tried to slag President Joe Biden by “reporting” that the crowd gathered for the congressional baseball game on Wednesday night booed Biden the minute it was announced that he was in attendance.

But to borrow a phrase from Hannity’s favorite failed, one-term POTUS, that was fake news.

As he announced a video clip with a “BREAKING NEWS” chyron at the bottom of the screen, Hannity glibly remarked:

“Joe Biden, he walked out to the annual congressional baseball game and he got a big chorus of boos. Take a look.”

Where exactly is the booing? At a stadium in another city halfway across the United States? Because quite clearly what’s heard on the video is a lot of cheering and applause. If there’s any booing, it’s so faint that you’d have to be a dolphin to hear it.

As Twitter users reminded Hannity, he and Fox News will always be the kings of BS.

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