Fox News published a libelous article attacking Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) for using veterans benefits that she qualifies for as a disabled war veteran.

As a pilot serving in the Iraq War, Duckworth lost both legs when a rocket-propelled grenade hit her helicopter. She went on to retire as a lieutenant colonel in the National Guard. One would think that conservative media would treat Duckworth with great respect considering her status as a war hero and a disabled veteran.

But Fox News only cares about veterans when it’s convenient, and the network certainly does not care about veterans who are Democrats, which is why Fox published an article attacking Duckworth because she has not paid property taxes since 2015.

The problem is that Duckworth qualifies for veteran benefits that exempt disabled veterans from paying property taxes because she’s a double amputee. It’s a pretty big detail to leave out and wrongfully portrays Duckworth as a tax dodger when she is not.

Twitter users threw the book at Fox News, especially considering that Donald Trump is a true tax cheat and a draft dodger.

Fox News should be ashamed, and so should their viewers. This attack is beyond disgraceful.

Featured Image: Wikimedia