Former First Lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff was terrified that Donald Trump’s three oldest children would wind up being an “embarrassment to the whole country” when they met with Queen Elizabeth II during a state visit to the United Kingdom in June of 2019, according to a new book.

In the book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, Stephanie Grisham relates that her predecessor as top aide to Melania, Lindsay Reynolds, feared that the former president’s children would disrupt the visit by demanding attention and forcing themselves on the queen, which led Reynolds to lament:

“We are going to look like the Beverly Hillbillies. We’ll be an embarrassment to the whole country.”

Grisham adds that the journey to Great Britain was the one that set White House officials most on edge:

“It was the only trip in all four years that every single member of the family expected to attend.”

TMZ, which has published an excerpt of Grisham’s book, reports that when she took over for Reynolds, it quickly became clear that the Trump administration was in disarray:

Grisham describes Trump’s White House in her book as “a clown car on fire running at full speed into a warehouse full of fireworks” … so you know what else to expect.

Reaction from the former president was exactly what you’d expect, complete with a denial followed by an attempt to slag Grisham: