Disgraced former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demonstrated that he’s probably not smarter than a fifth-grader this week by declaring that parents should have the power to decide what schools teach students.

Pompeo has repeatedly defended the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6th to overthrow democracy and has frequently complained about critical race theory just like many other conservatives have been doing across the country.

In fact, right-wingers have been terrorizing school boards in a scheme to ban the teaching of any topic they lump in with critical race theory, which isn’t really even included in the public school curriculum. Critical race theory focuses on racial injustice in American history, which has often ignored achievements by people of color and their mistreatment by white people. Now Republicans are demonizing it in a scheme to whitewash history, including by banning discussions about racism, slavery, and civil rights in the classroom.

Whitewashing history and taking over public schools is a primary goal of conservatives to dumb down future generations of Americans, especially since an educated population tends to vote more for Democrats. Conservatives are also anti-science and have been protesting mask mandates and vaccinations that prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The FBI is now investigating threats and attacks against school boards, and Pompeo responded on Twitter by claiming that parents should decide what children learn in school instead of educators and experts.

The problem is that Pompeo is really only talking about conservative parents, not liberal parents. Because if all parents were able to craft a school curriculum, no one would be able to agree on anything, including the basics like math, science, and history because conservatives are generally ignorant in all of these subject areas. If Pompeo had his way, schools would indoctrinate kids to be Republicans by poisoning their minds against liberal policies and flat out lying about American history and science. Pompeo would also likely want to mandate teaching Christianity and repeating Trump propaganda. Needless to say, his vision of education would be a disaster for our country, which is already ranked below many developed nations.

As we have already seen, conservatives have proved that they should not have any say in what schools teach our kids. They are woefully ignorant when it comes to both science and history, and that ignorance is not something that should be passed on to children in the classroom. If our nation is to remain strong, our children need to be properly educated. That means learning about both the good and bad parts of our history, and understanding science. Misinformation gleaned from watching right-wing videos on YouTube just doesn’t cut it.

Republicans like Pompeo have no business being in public office, nor should they be able to dictate education policy. They know that a majority of America’s youth oppose them, setting the GOP up to lose more elections. And so, they absolutely think seizing control of education and brainwashing kids is the answer to their problem. Our country can’t afford to let that happen.

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