Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is demanding Democrats waste reconciliation on raising the debt ceiling in a letter he sent to President Joe Biden declaring that Republicans won’t support paying America’s debts next time around.

The debt ceiling has been increased through December after Senate Republicans grudgingly caved due to outrage over their taking the economy hostage. Republicans are trying to force Democrats to use up their last opportunity to use reconciliation on raising the debt ceiling instead of passing the Build Back Better infrastructure bill, legislation that Republicans oppose because it helps the American people. Reconciliation only needs 51 votes while overcoming the filibuster requires 60 votes.

Republicans were heavily criticized and were set to be blamed for any government shutdown and economic crisis that resulted from their temper tantrum over the debt ceiling, which they raised repeatedly when Donald Trump was president but refuse to raise now because a Democrat is in the White House. Basically, the GOP is refusing to pay debts incurred during Trump’s administration, which is fitting since Trump never pays his bills either. Raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with new spending, and the infrastructure bill is paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy.

Now that the debt ceiling has been temporarily raised, McConnell is again threatening to tank the economy to get his way. He even sent a petty letter to Biden making it clear that Republicans don’t care if the United States defaults on the debt and is plunged into crisis as long as they can sabotage the Democratic legislative agenda. There’s a whole lot of projection and playing the victim as McConnell accused Democrats of mismanaging the government and being “childish.” Let’s not forget that Republicans let a man-child run their party for four years and are still letting him order them around. Republicans also mismanaged the country so badly that they nearly ended democracy.

McConnell threw the tantrum in response to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) calling Republicans out on the Senate floor after the short-term measure passed.

Americans told McConnell where he can stick his letter.

It’s time for Democrats to stop letting McConnell play these dangerous games. They must end the filibuster now. Then we can all sit back and watch McConnell whine some more. Only this time he’ll be whining while Democrats get things done for this country.

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