Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) thought she’d send Columbus Day wishes out via Twitter, but all she accomplished was proving that she doesn’t know how to spell the name of a man we all learned about in elementary school.

On Monday morning, Greene posted this tweet, which she later deleted:

Really? It’s a safe bet that most 7-year-olds can spell Columbus properly, and yet it took Greene two tries to get it right.

Greene’s real intention, it seems, was to push back against those calling for Columbus Day to no longer be observed due to the fact that the explorer used violence and the subjugation of native peoples as part of his expeditions.

CNN reports that several states no longer celebrate Columbus Day and instead have renamed it “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

A number of states have moved to officially observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day, or some version of it, instead — a holiday to recognize the native populations that were displaced and decimated after Christopher Columbus and other European explorers reached the continent.

Most prominently, President Joe Biden became the first US president to issue a proclamation commemorating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, writing that Monday was a day on which the country “celebrates the invaluable contributions and resilience of Indigenous peoples, recognizes their inherent sovereignty, and commits to honoring the Federal Government’s trust and treaty obligations to Tribal Nations.”

It didn’t take long before social media roundly mocked Greene for her ignorance:

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