Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) seems to think that President Joe Biden spending the weekend in Delaware is comparable to him abandoning Texas for Cancun during a deadly winter storm.

Biden’s Delaware home is only a very short flight from Washington DC, which means he can be back in the White House quickly if necessary. It’s also somewhat of a tradition for him to spend weekends at his home there for family and personal time. Make no mistake, Biden’s weekends in Delaware are nothing like Donald Trump’s frequent and expensive trips to Florida where he constantly played golf to the point that he nearly played more golf in four years than former President Barack Obama did in eight, all while ignoring his job in the middle of a pandemic.

Furthermore, Biden is not abandoning Americans by spending weekends in Delaware, unlike Ted Cruz, who literally fled Texas for warm and sunny Cancun, Mexico as his own constituents froze to death.

Yet, Cruz made another failed attempt at “joking” by invoking his embarrassing Cancun trip to criticize Biden.

It should be pointed out that Cruz never once criticized Trump for golfing all the time in Florida, nor did he care that taxpayers had to foot the bill for every trip. But he’s upset about Biden going to Delaware. Twitter users smacked Cruz down for being a hypocrite.

Republicans need to shut up about Biden spending weekends in Delaware.

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