Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) has lost his patience with Attorney General Merrick Garland and says Garland should resign if he continues to refuse to prosecute Donald Trump and his cronies for trying to overthrow our democracy.

Not a single Trump official has been charged or prosecuted in the wake of the Capitol insurrection in which Trump supporters violently stormed the building on January 6th in an attempt to install Trump as a dictator all while looking for lawmakers to assassinate.

Gallego happened to be one of the lawmakers in the building that day who could have been murdered had the insurrectionists managed to push their way into the House chamber.

During an interview, Gallego noted that Garland has not sought to prosecute Trump or any of his henchmen for their roles in the attempted coup. Garland’s DOJ has also been particularly weak in punishing those who stormed the Capitol. Clearly, Garland is content with letting Trump and his cronies get away with their treason, setting the stage for future insurrections.

That’s why Gallego believes it’s time for Garland to finally act or step aside so a real Attorney General can be found to do the job.

“Look, either Merrick Garland steps it up or needs to step out,” Gallego said. “The Attorney General of the United States, the most important thing is to protect the Constitution of the United States. He’s failing now because he wants to stick to some norms. There is no norms when there’s an almost-coup of this country!”

“There are people out there that should be prosecuted and Merrick Garland needs to be leading the team that does it,” he continued. “Right now the sentences they’re trying to hand out to people that were caught on January 6th in the Capitol are slaps on the wrist. I don’t know what Merrick Garland is thinking he’s able to accomplish with this, but he’s showing true weakness in a moment when we need actual true strength.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Garland is projecting weakness at a time when strength is required. Tolerance of Trump’s behavior and the behavior of his supporters only enables him and his allies to organize future insurrections that could be bloodier than the one on January 6th. If he truly wants to defend the Constitution, he must prosecute those who tried to overthrow our country and ask for the harshest punishment possible to deter others from ever trying it again.

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