During a speech he gave at the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando, Florida, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) suggested that the reason men are fascinated with porn and video games is because feminism has emasculated males and left them with no other options.

According to The Guardian, Hawley claimed “manhood” was under attack by “the left”:

“The left want to define traditional masculinity as toxic. They want to define the traditional masculine virtues – things like courage, and independence, and assertiveness – as a danger to society.”

And then Hawley made the bogus connection between men and porn:

“Can we be surprised that after years of being told that they are the problem, that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are withdrawing into the enclave of idleness and pornography and video games?”

More importantly, can we be surprised that Hawley fails to realize women also watch porn and enjoy video games? The two are not mutually exclusive.

The senator also asserted that liberals and progressives are delighted by “this decline of men,” but “I for one cannot join them. No one should.”

The idea of toxic masculinity, Hawley suggested, is a good thing in any civilization:

“For centuries, lovers of liberty have praised these qualities as the highest standard of manhood. That’s not to say that women don’t possess them. But it is to say that these virtues are the bright side of the aggression and competitiveness and independence that psychologists, no less than philosophers, have long observed in men.

“Assertiveness and independence are strengths when used to protect and empower others.”


It didn’t take long before Twitter got its revenge on Hawley as many social media users excoriated his defense of manhood: