Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) notably got embarrassed by Fox News on Wednesday when host John Roberts called him out for lying about Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Republicans have turned public schools and critical race theory into culture war lightning rods for the purposes of ginning up their voters at election time even though the idea that public schools teach critical race theory is totally false. In fact, it is taught in law schools, not public schools.

But that’s how the Republican candidate won the Virginia gubernatorial race on Tuesday night according to Cruz, who smeared Garland by claiming he called parents “domestic terrorists” for harassing and intimidating school boards over what students are taught.

“The arrogance of the Democrats saying ‘parents have no control over that,’ and even worse, the attorney general ― Joe Biden’s attorney general ― calling those parents domestic terrorists. I think that directly led to the result last night,” Cruz said.

Of course, Garland never said any such thing. It turns out the National School Boards Association made that remark, and despite being correct, apologized for it anyway. After all, these parents have made death threats against school board members and their families just because children might be learning about equality, civil rights, and racial justice in the classroom.

It should also be noted that the Virginia governorship has traditionally flipped to the party that doesn’t control the White House. Therefore, the GOP victory there, which came without hysterical claims of voter fraud despite the close race, is nothing special.

Roberts fact-checked Cruz on the air to his face.

“Although in fairness, he said that they weren’t domestic terrorists. It was the National School Boards Association that said that,” Roberts pointed out.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

But that didn’t stop Cruz from doubling down on his lies by posting an edited-down version of the interview.

Cruz literally defended using the Nazi salute during a hearing in Congress last month. He’s defending domestic terrorists because he’s one of them.

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