QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) had no problem with conservatives violently storming the Capitol, but she is now complaining about her insulting “Let’s Go Brandon” sign being taken down.

It’s a phrase that conservatives have begun using to mock President Joe Biden because they think it triggers liberals. In reality, it’s just more proof that Republicans are petulant toddlers.

Greene likes it so much that she placed a big sign featuring the phrase on the wall outside her Capitol office, and went on to brag about it.

But now the sign is no longer hanging on the wall, and Greene is throwing a tantrum even though “Let’s Go Brandon” is code for “F*ck Biden” and doesn’t belong on any wall on Capitol grounds. Just imagine if a Democratic lawmaker had done this during Donald Trump’s presidency. The outrage from Republicans would have been never-ending.

On Thursday, Greene claimed without any proof that the sign was “stolen” and that it must have been retaliation over the election results in Virginia.

Greene would later replace the sign with an equally ignorant message calling on Americans to refuse to wear masks as the coronavirus pandemic drags on and the death toll passes 750,000.

Seriously, will Congress finally expel Greene already? She has already been fined $48,000 for refusing to wear a mask on the House floor. Furthermore, her complaint about her “stolen” or possibly destroyed sign is hypocritical since she has applauded Trump supporters for violently trying to overthrow democracy. The insurrectionists not only targeted lawmakers for assassination, but they also vandalized property and stole items from the Capitol, including a laptop with sensitive information.

Greene has absolutely no problem with that but has the gall to complain about her insulting sign disappearing from the hallway. Of course, she was involved in organizing the January 6th events. By all rights, she should be sitting in a jail cell right now with the other traitors. She can hang her sign there.

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