Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) picked a fight with beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird on Friday and lost.

Big Bird educated children about the coronavirus vaccine on Saturday morning by pointing out that they strengthen the immune system to prevent you from getting sick while keeping others healthy as well.

Of course, this innocent and scientifically accurate tweet sent the right-wing freak-out machine into absolute hysterics, with Cruz accusing Big Bird of spreading “government propaganda” to kids.

The problem is that Big Bird is correct and Cruz is woefully ignorant, not just because he’s wrong about vaccines, but because he’s arguing with a Muppet character who has more integrity than he will ever have. After all, Big Bird never fled to Mexico while his neighbors froze to death during a winter storm. Even more hypocritical is that Cruz himself is vaccinated. Does that mean he has been propagandized? Or is he only interested in protecting his health but not the health of others?

Cruz drew jeers and laughter as Americans took him to the woodshed.

Clearly, Ted Cruz never watched Sesame Street as a child. It definitely would have helped his brain.

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