Insurrectionist wannabe dictator Donald Trump tried to stronghold a federal judge into blocking the release of documents related to the Capitol insurrection on January 6th by threatening to run to the Appeals Court, only to get schooled on how courts work.

Trump and his supporters did not know how the courts work back in November 2020 when they filed dozens of lawsuits challenging the legitimacy of the election results without providing a shred of evidence to back up their fraud claims. They apparently hoped every judge would just take their word for it, albeit to no avail.

Now Trump is demanding the courts block the National Archives from releasing documents that could incriminate him and members of his administration in the attempt to overthrow democracy on January 6th.

President Joe Biden has already twice refused to invoke executive privilege to block the release, but Trump thinks he still has the power to invoke executive privilege even though former presidents have no such power.

So, Trump is suing to block the documents in court and demanded Judge Tanya Chutcan grant him an emergency stay by Wednesday or else he will go over her head to the Appeals Court.

Only Trump’s demand didn’t fly with Judge Chatcun because she hasn’t ruled yet, which she reminded him while denying his demand.

“Emergency stay is hereby DENIED… Federal Rule of Civil Procedure allows temporary injunctive relief [w]hile an appeal is pending from an interlocutory order or final judgment,'” the judge said. “This court has not yet entered any such interlocutory order or final judgment and thus a request for relief under Rule 62(d), which plainly requires an interlocutory order of final judgment before considering such motions, is premature.”

Threatening the court and demanding rulings when he wants them is not going to help Trump’s case. The fact is that former presidents do not have the power to invoke executive privilege. The House 1/6 Committee should receive these documents immediately so they can find out just how deeply involved Trump was in orchestrating a coup attempt. This way the next court case Trump is embroiled in will be a criminal one.

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