The House 1/6 Committee issued a new round of subpoenas on Tuesday that includes former White House propagandist Kayleigh McEnany. And Americans are ecstatic about it.

McEnany lied to the American people multiple times as Press Secretary, including about the 2020 Election by repeating Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud. She was also present with Trump as he watched the Capitol insurrection unfold, therefore making her a witness. Trump’s supporters violently stormed the building on January 6th in an attempt to overthrow democracy and install Trump as a dictator.

Now she is being subpoenaed along with nine other Trump officials and could be subject to perjury charges or worse if she lies or refuses to comply. Steve Bannon refused to comply and now charges against him have been referred to the Justice Department.

It’s about time Kayleigh McEnany is held accountable for her involvement with the events of January 6th, a feeling Americans expressed on Twitter as they cheered the committee’s action.

This subpoena is great news but the committee needs to start strictly enforcing them if they are going to be effective. If the committee fails to force Trump’s stooges to take these subpoenas seriously, accountability will never happen and future insurrections will be enabled.

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