Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is not only facing accusations that he sexually trafficked an underage girl, he’s also getting an opponent on the 2022 GOP primary who is already attacking the congressman for what he calls behavior “that should disgust every decent Floridian.”

Bryan Jones, a veteran who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq as a CV-22 Osprey pilot, told the Washington Examiner that he’s running against Gaetz because he believes it’s time to “restore dignity” to the district:

“I feel it is time to begin a new path of service, one that will help restore dignity and honor to Florida’s 1st District — because the people of this district are good, honest, hard-working people, and they deserve a congressman who reflects their values and who will fight for their beliefs and their freedoms.”

Jones says his political idol is Ronald Reagan, not Donald Trump, adding:

“Our district deserves an effective, values-driven leader in Congress, not someone under investigation for crimes that should disgust every decent Floridian.”

Additionally, Jones made it clear that he sees Gaetz as little more than an egomaniac who is simply trying to see how many times he can get mentioned on right-wing media outlets:

“You aren’t going to get a career politician. You aren’t going to get someone who wants to get on the media and be a talking head for their own glory and ego. Send me to Washington, and you get a leader who is always going to be on your side — someone with the honesty, strength of character, and discipline to go to war against the elite and career politicians on behalf of we the people,”

Gaetz remains at the center of an ongoing federal criminal investigation for allegedly transporting an underage girl across state lines and paying her via Venmo, a mobile payment service. The congressman has denied he did anything wrong, but could be facing life in prison if found guilty.

Featured Image Via NBC News