Former Vice President Mike Pence made an uncomfortable moment even more cringeworthy when a college student asked him for advice on how to get a girlfriend.

Pence was speaking at a Young America’s Foundation meeting being held at Texas A&M University. During a Q&A session after his remarks, a young man who identified himself as “Bobby Hummer” told the former Veep that he thought the Trump-Pence administration had been “the greatest of all time,” and then added:

“My question is a bit more of a personal one. You’re getting a lot of political questions, so I need a wise man to answer this for me: What do you think is the most effective method to getting a girlfriend in college?”

Pence awkwardly chuckled and smiled, as if waiting for a suitable answer to come to him. He finally told the student:

“Well that’s a tough one, because as my wife knows, I didn’t date anyone before her.”

Yep, Mike Pence didn’t date anyone but the woman he now calls “Mother,” (a.k.a. Karen Pence), and he later married her, so that would suggest she’s the only woman the ex-VP has ever known “biblically” as the old expression goes.

However, Pence hadn’t yet answered the question, and he never did, only telling Hummer:

“You know what, go sit down, you don’t have any problem, I can tell.”

That was all it took to set off a wave of mockery and disgust on Twitter. Take a look:

Maybe the kid was trolling Pence. It’s almost impossible to tell with these right-wing zealots because most of them have no sense of humor whatsoever.

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