During a congressional hearing on Monday, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) made it clear that the current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, has been a complete failure in his post and needs to be removed before the United States Postal Service is utterly destroyed.

Porter was asking a witness questions about the Post Office and how delivery times have grown significantly slower since DeJoy was appointed by former President Donald Trump in 2020:

“The audit found that by the spring of 2020, mail delivery was right around 92 percent — that is 92 percent of the mail got there within the standard of on time. That dropped to 80 percent by the fall of 2020, and by January of 2021 was hovering around 61 percent. I realize this has gone up somewhat since then, but I wanted to ask you, when did Mr. DeJoy take over as postmaster? Do you know?”

The witness responded:

“The summer of 2020.”

The congresswoman continued, referencing a whiteboard she held up:

“The summer of 2020. So June of 2020. And what happened after he took over? Did the rate of on-time mail delivery go up or down?”


“Went down.”

Porter then exposed DeJoy as an incompetent administrator:

“I’m a professor, and I used to do a lot of grading. And 92 is considered widely like an A-minus, 80 is considered hanging on, hanging on to the lowest possible B. 60 percent is at best a D-minus. The Postal Service delivers 48 percent of the world’s mail. It is an institution, it is a civic treasure. And we let it get all the way, what you found, is we let it get all the way down to that D-minus level.”

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden cannot just fire DeJoy outright. The postmaster general is answerable to the USPS Board of Governors, who have the final authority over the Post Office and who leads it. Biden has appointed several new governors, but not enough to give Democrats a majority. However, Biden will get to appoint more members to the Board of Governors in 2022. Hopefully DeJoy won’t have completely decimated the Post Office by then.

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