Vice President Kamala Harris temporarily became the first female President of the United States earlier this week when President Joe Biden went to the hospital for a routine test, only for Fox News host Laura Ingraham to throw a racist hissy fit about it.

Biden was placed under anesthesia for a colonoscopy. Unlike when Donald Trump similarly went to the hospital, Biden responsibly transferred power to his vice president. And just for a brief time, the United States had a female commander-in-chief, making history in the process.

Of course, a snitty Ingraham threw a racist tirade about the moment.

“She is completely incapable of stepping in to take over as commander-in-chief, should Biden be incapacitated,” Ingraham said. “She has problems delivering simple remarks. Because, I’m sorry, she knows nothing except how to play the race card to get ahead.”

“It’s always a diversity thing,” Ingraham continued. “How about merit? How about that for a change? Well, it turns out that selecting a VP based solely on diversity criteria and not objective merit is not only stupid, it’s really dangerous. There is literally no situation, no problem that the White House can turn over to her to handle in the place of the president. Like, remember she was supposed to handle the border, remember that? Well, America’s border is now overrun with drugs, illegals, and sex traffickers. Nice job, Kamala. If her goal was to pump up our enemies and demoralize our own people, then she should be excited.”

Except that Harris is absolutely qualified to take over as president if Biden can no longer carry out the duties of the job. Harris served as the Attorney General of California. She also served in the United States Senate. Furthermore, she ran for president in a highly competitive Democratic field in 2020 and currently serves as vice president. That alone makes her constitutionally qualified to step in as president.

As for the border, there is no crisis beyond the imaginary one inside the heads of every Republican who is desperate to scare the American people. Harris not only traveled to the border, but she also traveled to Central American countries where refugees are coming from.

The fact is that Harris is more qualified to be president than Donald Trump ever was. And she is still more qualified than him.

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