Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) insisted on Sunday that election fraud is rampant in this country, only to get called out for lying by CBS host Margaret Brennan.

Cruz was one of several Republicans who sought to overturn the 2020 Election by claiming that there was mass voter fraud even though no evidence of such fraud was ever produced in court filings, nor does any exist. Independent experts, multiple recounts, and right-wing biased “audits” of the election results have all made it clear that President Joe Biden legitimately won.

Despite the lack of evidence, Republicans moved forward with their effort to steal victory from Biden, with Trump supporters even using the lies as a reason to violently storm the Capitol on January 6th to overthrow democracy.

The coup attempt failed, but Republicans have since used the lies to pursue the passage of draconian election laws so they can stay in power.

On Sunday, Brennan slammed Cruz for knowing all along that Congress did not have the power to overturn the election.

“You knew there was no congressional authority to overturn the election,” Brennan said, noting that Cruz allegedly spoke to Trump on January 6th. “Didn’t indulging the doubters damage our democracy and our standing in the world?”

“I didn’t happen to have any conversations with President Trump on Jan. 6,” Cruz replied. “I had many conversations with him in the days, weeks and months leading up to Jan. 6. I talk to the president sometimes as often as once a week or once a day.”

Of course, we could easily check this claim by looking at Cruz’s phone records, which Republicans are desperately trying to keep hidden.

Cru went on to claim that he merely wanted to create a commission to “investigate” the claims. However, such a commission would have been yet another platform for Republicans to insist that election fraud is real. Curiously, it’s never real when they win elections, only when they lose.

“You know what you’re laying out is an intellectualized argument here is not what people gathered and chanting things like Mike Pence were talking about,” Brennan responded. “You know that.”

Indeed, conservatives wanted to overthrow democracy to install Trump as a dictator and were intent upon killing lawmakers along the way. Cruz even helped incite the insurrection.

Cruz continued to push the election fraud lie.

“Because we right now have a substantial chunk of our country that has real doubts about the integrity of the election,” he said. “And if we had had a credible electoral commission do an emergency audit, it would have enhanced faith in democracy. But instead, Democrats and a lot of the press decided to just engage in incendiary rhetoric rather than acknowledge voter fraud is real. It is a problem. And the allegations of voter fraud needed to be examined on the merits.”

“Okay, Senator, there is no evidence of fraud that would really have drawn the outcome of the election into doubt. You know that,” Brennan fired back.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

In fact, most cases of voter fraud during the 2020 Election were committed by Republicans. And Republicans are now engaged in an effort to rig future elections for themselves. That’s the real election fraud.

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