Fox News “reporter” Peter Doocy seems to think that President Joe Biden owes Kyle Rittenhouse an apology, something White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki swatted down during a press briefing on Tuesday.

Rittenhouse illegally carried an assault rifle across state lines into Wisconsin, where he murdered two people who were protesting against racial injustice and police brutality. Rather than be held accountable for his actions, Rittenhouse escaped legal consequences because Judge Bruce Schroeder aided his defense from the start.

Now Rittenhouse is making appearances on Fox News and palling around with Donald Trump while accusing Biden of defaming his “character.”

On Tuesday, nepotism poster-child at Fox News, Peter Doocy, wanted to know if Biden will apologize to Rittenhouse.

“Would the President ever apologize to the acquitted Kenosha shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, for suggesting online and on TV that he is a white supremacist?” Doocy asked.

Psaki was having none of it and pointed out that Trump refused to condemn violence against protesters and even incited it.

“Let’s be clear what we’re talking about here,” she began. “This is about a campaign video released last year that used President Trump’s own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacists and militia groups. And President Trump, as we know from history, and as many of you covered, didn’t just refuse to condemn militia groups on the debate stage, he actively encouraged them throughout his presidency.”

Indeed, Trump even told the right-wing Proud Boys to “stand by” in case he lost the election to Biden, remarks that helped incite the Capitol insurrection on January 6th.

“So, you know, what we’ve seen are the tragic consequences of that when people think it’s okay to take the law into their own hands, instead of allowing law enforcement to do its job,” Psaki concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Biden did not defame Rittenhouse’s character. Rittenhouse did that all on his own by murdering two people. By all rights, he should be paying for his crime in a prison cell right now. And the very fact that he’s hob-nobbing with Trump speaks volumes about whether he’s a white supremacist or not. It also makes it clear that he doesn’t have any character to defame.

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