Once again, QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) posted a rant on Twitter calling for Americans to sue doctors for not prescribing Ivermectin to treat coronavirus cases, and tried to use Africa as evidence that Ivermectin works.

Ivermectin is a livestock drug that treats parasitic infections, but conservatives insist that it’s an effective coronavirus treatment even though there is no evidence that it does.

Greene has led this ridiculous campaign for Ivermectin, and is now going so far as to call for filing lawsuits against any doctor that doesn’t prescribe it to coronavirus patients. And she also cited Africa as her “proof” that Ivermectin works.

Again, Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug. The reason why people in Africa take Ivermectin is that there are a number of parasitic diseases on the continent and Ivermectin is approved to treat parasitic infections in humans. It is NOT approved to treat coronavirus because coronavirus is a virus.

Furthermore, Africa’s total coronavirus death toll is over 222,000 so far, making it the sixth-highest death toll in the world.

So, Africans do not have some special immunity to this virus, and certainly not because of Ivermectin usage.

It should also be pointed out that Africa moved swiftly to slow the spread of the virus, unlike the United States, by wearing face masks and social distancing. Africa also has a younger population, a hotter climate, and a health system that is prepared for epidemics.

Greene conveniently ignores all of these facts in favor of lies and cherrypicking in order to gin up rage and fear among conservatives against America’s overwhelmed and exhausted frontline healthcare professionals. It’s time for Twitter to ban her, and she should also be barred from public service. Because she’s not serving the public with her ignorance.

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