Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Wednesday night on his show that he believes far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is more of a “journalist” than any of the reporters who work for NBC or CBS News.

In an extended rant aimed at the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Carlson proclaimed:

“Now the committee is deciding to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, Alex Jones. Yes, journalist.

“Jones is often mocked for his flamboyance, but the truth is he’s been a far better guide to reality in recent years, in other words, a far better journalist than, say, NBC News national security correspondent Ken Dilanian or Margaret Brennan of CBS.”


Tucker Carlson defends Alex Jones’s participation in Jan. 6th

— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) December 2, 2021

Despite what Carlson says, HuffPost notes that Jones has been on a legal losing streak recently, and his lies are on the verge of costing him a fortune:

Jones is a 9/11 denier who spreads absurd claims across a range of subjects. He has profited from supporters by selling fake COVID-19 cures and has subjected victims of school shootings to vitriol by spreading lies that they were actors in a hoax. Last month he was found liable in a fourth lawsuit brought by relatives of children who were killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012.

Carlson went on to claim (without providing any proof) that Jones actually helped prevent violence on Jan. 6, when five people died, including a member of the Capitol Police Force:

“(Jones) isn’t simply innocent of inciting crime on Jan. 6, Alex Jones actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place.

“We’re not running interference for Alex Jones, and we’re not guessing about it. We happen to know it for fact.”

Oliver Darcy of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” recently remarked that with each passing day, Carlson sounds more and more like Jones:

“Whether it’s talking about vaccine conspiracy theories, false flag conspiracy theories, deep state conspiracy theories, the messages that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are sending are the same. They seem to see eye to eye on the biggest issues that they talk about every single night.

“I remember when the Republican Party and Fox News mocked Alex Jones and said, ‘That guy is crazy. We’re not going to touch that kind of stuff.’ But now, Fox’s face is effectively Alex Jones.”

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