QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) threw a temper tantrum on the House floor Thursday demanding that the government be shut down. Americans and a majority of Congress were not amused.

With a deadline approaching to keep the government funded, Greene took to the floor to demand a government shutdown as part of a plot by right-wing lawmakers to sabotage the Biden administration.

“What an outrage. What an irresponsibility,” Greene said. “That isn’t courage. That is not responsibility. That is out-of-control behavior that this Congress needs to rein in.”

“This government should be shut down,” she continued. “You want to know why it should be shut down? Because the people in here, the people in here cannot control themselves. The people in here don’t understand how to balance a checkbook. And the people in here do not deserve, deserve their responsibility on how to spend the American people’s money. 29 trillion dollars! 29 trillion dollars, Madam Speaker. Shut it down! Do not pass the CR. Shut it down!”

Greene even went on to post her hissy fit on Twitter.

The House would go on to ignore Greene and pass a temporary funding bill anyway. But a government shutdown over the debt ceiling is ridiculous, not to mention suicidal since it’s about paying debts we already owe. Not paying our bills could result in default, which would be disastrous economically. Also, Republicans like Greene are forgetting they added $8 trillion to the national debt and sent the deficit skyrocketing over four years under Donald Trump.

Americans took Greene to the woodshed for acting like a petulant child and a hypocrite.

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