Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) actually had the gall to accuse Democrats of being the ones who are weak against Russia even though his own party repeatedly sucked up to Vladimir Putin under Donald Trump, forcing Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) to put him in his place.

In yet another false accusation against President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party this week, Cotton stood up in the Senate and outright accused Democrats of being soft on Russia. Of course, he wasn’t saying that about his own party over the four years Trump was in office. Over that period of time, Trump relentlessly sought to please Putin by withdrawing from treaties and trying to weaken NATO. He never criticized or punished Putin for any of his attacks on the United States, including a major cyberattack at the end of his failed presidency.

Yet, Cotton ignored all of that to falsely accuse Democrats of being weak when it comes to Russia.

“The simplest way to deter invasion of Ukraine, the simplest way to deter Russian aggression, is to draw clear red lines of enforcement, something that Joe Biden will not do, something that apparently the Democratic senators will not force him to do,” Cotton said.

Of course, Republicans have been fawning over Putin for years now. Even Cotton himself has been a welcomed guest in Russia, something Shaheen reminded him about in a blistering response.

“I just have to take real umbrage at your suggestion, Senator Cotton,” Shaheen said. “I’m the one who Vladimir Putin refused a visa to get into Russia, because of my opposition to Russia, and to what Putin was doing. He didn’t deny you a visa to get into the country. So don’t talk to me about how I’ve not been tough enough on Russia, because that dog won’t hunt!”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Cotton is the GOP’s biggest hypocrite on Russia, remaining silent as his own party plays footsie with Putin while accusing Democrats of being the ones who are soft on Russia. The Russians even attacked our electoral process in 2016 and Cotton defended them. He absolutely deserved to be called out on the Senate floor. This line of attack against Democrats is now impotent because of how Republicans served as Putin’s puppets for the entirety of Trump’s lone term in office.

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