Proving that Republicans will try anything to block every single policy proposal President Joe Biden puts forth, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suggested on Tuesday that the administration was engaging in what he dubbed a “toddler takeover” with the “Build Back Better” human infrastructure bill which would provide $380 billion in funding for early education and care.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate, which is supposed to be one of the most august and hallowed chambers of government in the western world, McConnell told his colleagues:

“The last time Washington Democrats pushed through a huge change that disrupted families’ arrangements, it earned President Obama the ‘Lie of the Year’ award [from Politifact]. Democrats insisted that if you liked your health care plan, you could keep your health care plan. It turned out that was totally false. Their reckless government takeover threw many families into chaos. This year, many of the same Democrats want to write a sequel. They want to ram through a radical, reckless, multi-trillion-dollar taxing and spending spree between now and Christmas, and a huge part of their bill would complete upend child care and pre-K as they exist for families all across our country.”

He then added:

“If you like your child care, you can keep your child care. Well, buckle up, parents. What could possibly go wrong? The Democrats have written their toddler takeover in ways that would turn families’ finances literally upside down and make already expensive child care even costlier.”

Make child care costlier? Is that supposed to be a joke? It’s already so astronomically expensive that most parents can’t afford the price. Shouldn’t the government provide some sort of funding or incentive that would potentially help relieve some of the financial burden from middle class families when it comes to child care? That would be a wise investment that would pay massive dividends for the American economy.

As for a “toddler takeover,” that’s what happens anytime the Republicans are in control of anything and they allow their childish members to run the government.

Here’s the video:

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