Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) suddenly announced his resignation from Congress this week so he can work for Donald Trump, and Twitter can’t stop laughing.

Multiple sources report that Nunes won’t seek reelection in 2022, which makes sense since redistricting in California will make his seat a lot more difficult to hold onto in the solidly blue state.

Nunes is deeply unpopular and only narrowly won reelection in 2020. He has been embroiled in several scandals involving Trump, including repeatedly covering for Trump during the Russia investigation. In addition, Nunes has been widely mocked for filing frivolous lawsuits against Twitter accounts and news organizations for telling the truth about him. Even judges are laughing him out of their courts.

Nunes apparently intends to go to work for Trump by heading up his ridiculous social media venture, which is likely doomed to fail just like everything else Trump touches.

News of Nunes’ resignation and his next job left Twitter users laughing.

Frankly, the American people are the real winners here. Congress loses an incompetent congressman while Trump gets an incompetent employee. Good riddance.

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