Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) strongly rebuked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Thursday for trying to weasel his way onto the House January 6th Committee despite him being a witness and a participant in the conspiracy to overthrow democracy.

It was revealed earlier this week that Jordan sent a text message to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows calling for former Vice President Mike Pence to reject the electoral vote count in a scheme to keep Donald Trump in power.

This revelation comes months after Jordan was rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to be a member of the committee that is now investigating the Capitol insurrection.

Pelosi rejected Jordan because of his fealty to Trump and his desire to sabotage the probe. Clearly, that decision was correct because Jordan was deeply involved in the attempt to overthrow our democracy.

During an interview on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asked Kinzinger about Jordan’s communication with Meadows.

“Jim Jordan did confirm that he’s the one that sent instructions to the then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows the day before the January 6th attack, how then-Vice President Mike Pence could reject the electoral votes,” Blitzer began. “How brazen was it for him to attempt to serve on the committee investigating the January 6th attack, knowing he actually pushed this coup attempt?”

Kinzinger dod not hold back.

“Yeah, it is extremely brazen,” Kinzinger replied. “And by the way, there are a few people that had ideas sent to Mark Meadows, I’m sure over time there will be more and more information that we’ll put out about that and everybody had their theory. And none of the theories were things like hey, Mark, let’s actually count the votes and go with the winner. It was some way to finagle the Constitution or send it back to the states or tell the state legislators to disregard their own people’s will.”

“For Jim Jordan to have done that, and then to want to serve on the committee, first off, shows there would not have been — all he would have served was trying to shut down this committee,” Kinzinger continued. “That is a sad notion. And we used to be a party, Wolf, that was committed to, I’ll say law and order but also the rule of law. And now we’re using — trying to use the nuances of the law to overthrow the will of the people. That has never been the intention of that, and I think we need to look at the Electoral Count Act and make some reforms, because this dry run on January 6th that mercifully failed, there is a lot you could learn from it if you run this script again.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Jordan has previously admitted that he communicated with Trump on January 6th. The contents of the call remain a mystery, but it’s clear that all of Jordan’s communications on January 6th and after Election Day should be subpoenaed and released. His involvement in this conspiracy must run deep and he needs to be held accountable.

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