Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush was a guest on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning and suggested that while the Lone Star State is building a portion of border wall, landowners in the state may need to start shooting immigrants for trespassing.

Bush is the nephew of former President George W. Bush and is also running for Texas Attorney General and was discussing the issue of immigration with Fox host Steve Doocy, remarking:

“I just wrapped up a week-long tour of the border from El Paso to McAllen and some landowners are asking can I shoot? Can I shoot to basically withstand the amount of surge that we are seeing? Of course, we want a more peaceful approach to this but building walls work.”

Doocy inquired:

“Do you mean can I shoot? Can I use — have a firearm to protect my family or what do you mean by that?”

Bush replied:

“That is correct. When you talk to farmers and ranchers, a lot of them describe a kindler gentler illegal immigration pattern in prior generations. Now it has reached such a heightened level of violence and insecurity where farmers and ranchers, including the one we just built the first part of that wall, are now threatened on their own acreage and around their own property and that’s un-American.”

But as Mediaite notes, illegal immigration is actually down over the past few years:

The number of illegal immigrants approaching the Southern U.S. border has increased dramatically over the past four or five years, peaking in 2021 and has sparked a meaningful debate about how the United States should welcome those seeing asylum or even a better life for themselves, or if the country is currently full and no one in need should be allowed in.

It’s also ironic (not to mention hypocritical) of George P. Bush to be making such statements when you consider that his mother, Columba Bush, immigrated to the United States from Mexico in the 1950s.

Here’s the video from Fox News: