Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends” that Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus Christ, should be commended for being able to find a manger where their son could be born during the busy “holiday season.”

Kilmeade went off on his absurd rant in response to co-host Carley Shimkus noting that inflation had made the “12 Days of Christmas” more expensive than it was last year.

That led Kilmeade to inquire:

“I know we had this conversation before, but were the animals used, were their breaths used to heat Jesus? Remember the animals would go around because it was so cold in Bethlehem. I get them confused. It was so cold at that time, the animals breathed on him to keep him warm.”

Nowhere in the Bible is it recorded that animals breathed on Jesus in order to keep him warm. Additionally, there is no mention in the biblical story of Christ which mentions what the weather was like when the child was born.

But Kilmeade was far from finished proving that a brain isn’t required for employment at Fox:

“I give them (Joseph and Mary) full credit for overcoming the capacity of the holiday season and finding a manger to have the baby.”

At that point, co-host Steve Doocy couldn’t help but remind Kilmeade:

“It wasn’t a holiday yet.”

Yes! Finally we get a moment of clarity and facts.

Kilmeade, however, was undeterred:

“That’s true. But there was a lot of people shopping.”


“For a hotel.”

Kilmeade finally seemed to realize the error of his ways:

“Because it’s a future holiday.”

Duh! People weren’t out shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue for Christmas goodies because Jesus had just been born. And also because Christmas didn’t exist yet. That didn’t happen until centuries later.

Maybe if he’s really good, Santa will bring Brian Kilmeade something to fill the empty space between his ears.