Donald Trump is still in serious legal jeopardy in New York despite Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. not seeking re-election. That’s because Vance’s replacement intends to see it through, and it turns out he has experience taking Trump to court.

Alvin Bragg is a former New York state deputy attorney general who beat the Republican running against him by a 70-point margin in November. If the Republican candidate had won, the investigation into Trump likely would have been sabotaged or swept under the rug. But Bragg has sued Trump around 100 times, something he hammered home repeatedly during his campaign. And the people of New York clearly approve.

Trump is already under investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has joined the Manhattan probe. Trump is also the subject of several ongoing federal investigations, including by the House January 6th Committee.

The Manhattan investigation is focusing on tax and fraud crimes Trump and his businesses committed over the years. Investigators scored a victory last year when the courts ordered Trump to hand over his tax records.

Vance has overseen the investigation since its inception, but there were concerns that he may let Trump off the hook because he let Trump’s adult children off the hook for corruption revolving around one of the Trump properties.

Now Vance is leaving, but his successor appears to be gearing up to take a more attentive approach to the case.

“This is obviously a consequential case, one that merits the attention of the DA personally,” Bragg told CNN. “I’ve done a lot of cases that are considered no-win. I think going into most of those cases people were like, ‘Ooh, you’re gonna get a lot of heat however it comes out.’ That’s the job.”

Bragg even plans on keeping the seasoned investigators on the case that Vance had brought on.

According to the New York Times:

“A spokesman for Mr. Bragg, a Democrat, declined to comment on the investigation other than to say that the incoming district attorney had not been briefed on it. Mr. Bragg expects to be briefed soon after being sworn in. Although top officials in Mr. Vance’s office are set to depart on Jan 1., the Trump investigation is expected to remain on the track it has been following. Mr. Bragg plans to retain the leaders of the investigative team that has been working on the inquiry, including Mark F. Pomerantz, an experienced former federal prosecutor and white-collar defense lawyer, and Carey Dunne, Mr. Vance’s general counsel.”

The Manhattan investigation looks to be moving full steam ahead after Bragg is sworn in. Let’s hope he has the spine to make Trump the first president to go to prison.

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