Donald Trump is no longer president. He hasn’t been president for nearly a year. Yet, he pretended that he is still president in a politically charged Christmas Day message.

President Joe Biden beat Trump in the 2020 Election and took office in January despite Trump’s violent scheme to remain in power on January 6th. Currently being pursued by the House January 6th Committee and dealing with several criminal investigations and civil suits, Trump continued campaigning for president and acting as if he still held the office in a Christmas message posted on Twitter via a spokesperson who is absolutely violating Twitter rules.

To be clear, over 80 million Americans rejected Trump’s white nationalist campaign slogan in 2020. So he is most certainly being divisive in his message. He also signed the message by referring to himself as president as if he never left office or disgraced it. Trump tried to stay in power via a bloody coup attempt and was impeached twice by Congress. He is also a one-term loser. Furthermore, Trump’s message is narcissistic. Meanwhile, Biden is spending Christmas making it about others and not himself like a real president is expected to do.

Americans trashed Trump’s message and reminded him that he’s not president anymore.

Christmas and our country would be far better off if Trump were in prison.

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