Ever since a great miscarriage of justice allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to get away with murder, conservatives have continued to consider him a hero. And even some Fox News hosts have a problem with that.

Republican lawmakers have sought to compete with each other to prove who loves Rittenhouse more by offering him a job in their congressional offices. Other Republicans have used the Rittenhouse verdict to incite future acts of violence and one laughably called for him to receive a Congressional Gold Medal.

Clearly, Republicans and conservative media are desperate to make Rittenhouse the face of their cause, which is to violently overthrow the government and kill people without consequences.

But Fox News host Gillian Turner shamed conservative media outlets for portraying Rittenhouse as a “hero” after Howard Kurtz tried to complain about mainstream media coverage of the trial.

“To me, Gillian, the worst part by far was after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, there were liberal commentators who continued to call him a murderer, who continued to call him a white supremacist as if jury verdicts don’t matter if you disagree with them,” Kurta said.

“Yes, but to be fair, Howie, there were also conservative journalists and conservative pundits who continue to herald him as a hero,” Turner responded. “And I think the reality is that these cases are full of details, pesky little details and they tell their own story and reveal their own truths and so a narrative like this bolstering somebody who’s on trial or trying to denigrate them before the jury has had a chance to consider the facts before them is always a hopeless undertaking. Everybody loses.”

“Right, I’ve said many times Kyle Rittenhouse is not a hero,” Kurtz said. “But he also deserved a fair trial and, therefore, if you’re acquitted, I think all the people who had piled on earlier needed to recognize that.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

In fact, Rittenhouse’s trial was not fair to the victims, who were not even allowed to be referred to as victims during the trial while the defense was allowed to refer to them as “rioters,” “looters,” and “arsonists” even though none of the victims were ever charged with committing a crime. Judge Bruce Schroeder was repeatedly so biased in Rittenhouse’s favor that he might as well have served as the defense attorney. Rittenhouse received a basically rigged trial, even being allowed to select his own jurors at one point.

As for whether Rittenhouse is a murderer, he crossed state lines illegally with an assault weapon and killed two unarmed protesters. That’s the definition of murder. O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in his own murder trial back in 1995 and I remember conservatives continuing to call Simpson a murderer. The differences between Simpson and Rittenhouse are the color of their skin and the fact that Rittenhouse is literally on video shooting his victims down. Rittenhouse is not a hero and he should be sitting in prison for the rest of his life.

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