Sending threats on Twitter is cause for possible suspension, but Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) did it anyway by threatening Twitter for permanently suspending Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Sunday.

Twitter finally suspended Greene after she posted several tweets featuring misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine. Greene has also bullied Democrats, repeated lies about the 2020 election, and has downplayed the Capitol insurrection.

She violated Twitter terms of service and community standards so frequently over the last year that it’s baffling she hadn’t been permanently banned until now.

But now Boebert has responded to Greene’s suspension by threatening Twitter.

Boebert complained about Donald Trump being banned from the platform as well before declaring that Republicans will retaliate in 2022 if they take back the House, an extraordinary move against a private company that has repeatedly made it clear that there are rules users must agree to follow if they want to participate. Greene broke those rules and now she is facing the consequences.

It should also be pointed out that Twitter suspended Trump, who was on his way out of office anyway, to prevent him from inciting further violence in the wake of the Capitol insurrection. Boebert herself played a role in the January 6th coup attempt by helping to organize it and even live-tweeted the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as insurrectionists were storming the building looking for lawmakers to assassinate.

That alone should have resulted in Boebert being permanently suspended then, not to mention arrested and prosecuted. Her threats to retaliate against Twitter should result in her suspension now.

Clearly, Republicans only plan to use their power to persecute people and businesses and to undermine future elections so they will never lose power again. All of this should scare the American people into making it their personal mission to vote every November to keep Republicans out of office.

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