President Joe Biden absolutely took Donald Trump to the woodshed on Thursday for trying to overthrow democracy on this day last year, resulting in a predictable temper tantrum from Trump.

Biden blasted Trump for creating a “web of lies” about the 2020 Election and being the only president who has refused to accept the will of the American people. The fiery speech also ripped Trump for instigating the Capitol insurrection in a desperate attempt to stay in power.

Trump had planned a press conference to gaslight America and downplay the insurrection on the first anniversary of the failed coup but canceled it just two days prior, opting instead to release a statement the eve of January 6th calling for his supporters to “rise up” against the federal government over actions the Biden administration has not taken.

In response to Biden’s speech, Trump lashed out by spewing his web of lies and demonstrated his continued refusal to accept the legitimate election results all while attacking the House January 6th Committee.

“Biden, who is destroying our Nation with insane policies of open Borders, corrupt Elections, disastrous energy policies, unconstitutional mandates, and devastating school closures, used my name today to try to further divide America,” Trump said. “This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed.”

“Our Country no longer has Borders, has totally and completely lost control of Covid (record numbers!), is no longer Energy Independent, Inflation is rampant, our Military is in chaos, and our exit, or surrender, from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing day in the long and distinguished history of the United States—and so much more.,” Trump continued.

That’s quite a bit to unpack but it can all be debunked.

The so-called “border crisis” is imaginary. Security on the border is working as it should by processing migrants and preventing contraband like drugs from entering the country.

The courts, including the Supreme Court, have repeatedly upheld mask and vaccine mandates, which are constitutional and go all the way back to this country’s founding.

As for school closures, the country’s entire school system shut down under Trump when the coronavirus pandemic exploded on our shores on his watch. And why is Trump complaining about a measure that prevents children from contracting a deadly virus? Sounds like he’s the real threat to child safety.

The number of coronavirus cases has exploded only because conservatives refuse to get vaccinated and wear masks. This failure to prevent the spread of the virus has resulted in a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Let’s not forget that Trump knew how dangerous this virus was when the pandemic began, yet he repeatedly downplayed it and even called it a “hoax.” Well, 850,000 dead Americans beg to differ. Hundreds of thousands of them would still be alive had Trump and Republicans taken the pandemic seriously.

Trump’s claim about energy independence is incredibly misleading. He pretends that he is the one who achieved it even though former President Obama is the one who deserves credit for the energy boom because he signed a law in 2015 that ultimately helped our country increase domestic oil and gas production. That production was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. You know, the pandemic Trump and the GOP downplayed rather than take seriously? Gas prices rose as a result of the high demand and lower supplies. However, gas prices have begun to drop again.

Inflation is also dropping after Biden made moves to get the supply chain moving again. Supply chain bottlenecks were partly caused by the coronavirus pandemic that Trump and the Republicans downplayed and by trade and tariff issues stemming from Trump’s trade wars.

In addition, the military is NOT in chaos as Trump has constantly claimed. America’s servicemen and women are mostly vaccinated and continue to stand ready to defend our country. If anyone harmed the military’s standing among Americans, it was Trump, who tried to use the military against citizens and wanted to use it to stay in power by force. As for the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, Trump is the one who signed the order and he’s the one who allowed the Taliban to re-take power.

And finally, the most embarrassing day in American history was January 6, 2021. On that day last year, Trump incited an insurrection in a scheme to overthrow democracy, a scheme that we continue to learn was even worse as the investigation proceeds.

Speaking of embarrassment, Trump continued his statement by falsely claiming that the 2020 Election was rigged and declared that Democrats are the ones dividing the nation.

“Why is it that the Unselect Committee of totally partisan political hacks, whose judgment has long ago been made, not discussing the rigged Presidential Election of 2020?” Trump said. “The Democrats want to own this day of January 6th so they can stoke fears and divide America. I say, let them have it because America sees through theirs (sic) lies and polarizations.”

Again, there is no evidence of election fraud in 2020 beyond that committed by Republicans. In fact, Trump tried to rig the election in Georgia. Trump also schemed to rig the election by attempting to replace his acting Attorney General with a stooge who would have declared the results invalid.

The only one trying to divide the nation with fear and lies is Trump. He has been a poison for years and it’s time for him to be held accountable for the damage he has done.

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