Texas Republicans tried to defend forcing Americans to wait in line to vote by comparing it to waiting in line for a coronavirus test. And it backfired spectacularly.

As the coronavirus continues to once again rip through red states like Texas because conservatives largely refuse to get vaccinated and don’t wear masks, the Texas GOP took to Twitter this week to use the virus as an excuse to justify voter suppression tactics that limit voting.

The Texas GOP then doubled down by insulting critics and people who wear masks.

Of course, wearing a mask prevents the spread of the virus. But Republicans no longer believe in science and prefer Americans die instead so they can continue to politicize the pandemic.

As for COVID testing, while people do wait in line to get tested, there are other options such as at-home testing and even drive-thru testing, as well as multiple testing sites. So, the conflation of COVID testing and in-person voting just doesn’t make any sense. The reality is that people should not have to wait for hours to cast a ballot. But Republicans are obsessed with closing polling places and restricting other forms of voting such as absentee voting by mail to make people less likely to vote because it would take so long.

The Texas GOP received significant backlash on Twitter.

Republicans should not be in power anywhere.

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