During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Friday evening, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) went into full gaslighting mode and told several lies about the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Hannity kicked off the interview by listing several domestic and international policy missteps by President Joe Biden before he asked Gabbard:

“Do you see – as a Democrat – are any of these policies working? Am I missing something that’s successful?”

That was all Gabbard needed to start reeling off a series of lies, most of which involved the Capitol riots that killed five people, including a police officer:

“Well, what I see is people are struggling. And you can understand how people are frustrated and even angry at the fact that our government is failing us. And one of the most disturbing things I see coming out of this administration is how president Joe Biden has his attorney general targeting Americans as domestic terrorists for being quote, unquote, ‘anti-authority.’”

Actually, they’re being prosecuted for the roles they played in an act of domestic terrorism, which is exactly what you call an attack on the seat of government.

Gabbard was just getting warmed up. She then added:

“What is so extremely dangerous about this, Sean, is that the president of the United States is the authority here in America. And so, if our president is targeting Americans for being quote, unquote ‘anti-authority,’ what they’re really saying is, ‘You are an enemy of the state if you are against the president or his policies.’”

No. You’re an enemy of the state if you attack the U.S. Capitol, threaten to hang the then-vice president, and call for violence against others because you lost an election.

The former congresswoman concluded her fact-free rant with this:

“This is the foundation of authoritarianism and it’s the message that is received by people at home is, if you’re gonna target to me for being against your policies as the president, there will be consequences and therefore what are people to do? To shut up, step back and fall in line. And this is unacceptable in our democracy and must not go unchecked.”

Where was Gabbard during the Trump administration? Why wasn’t she this vocal about the blatant authoritarianism he repeatedly evidenced in his effort to get his way and remain in power even though the voters had rejected him?

While she’s certainly entitled to her own opinion, Tulsi Gabbard isn’t entitled to her own set of so-called “facts.”

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