Eric Trump flew into a panic on Wednesday morning after New York Attorney General Letitia James released a detailed court filing against his family’s business for committing fraud, even going so far as to threaten her with prosecution.

James has been investigating the Trump Organization for quite some time, and it appears that Donald Trump and all of his children are embroiled in the growing scandal. Tax and business fraud are serious crimes that come with hefty punishments. The Trump Organization can even be shuttered.

The 115-page filing really put the Trump family business dealings under a microscope for all to see. Now Eric Trump is freaking out, which he demonstrated by attacking and threatening James personally on Twitter along with posting a heavily doctored video.

Of course, the Trumps do not have the power to prosecute James unless Eric Trump is signaling that his father will abuse presidential power if he were to somehow regain office after the 2024 Election to persecute her.

Legal experts and other Twitter users responded with mockery, pointing out that Eric Trump is panicking and that he certainly must have something to hide since he pleaded the Fifth 500 times during a deposition.

The day that the Trump Organization is shut down and the Trump family is placed in handcuffs will be a joyous day in America.

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