Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has repeatedly denied that he had sex with an underage girl that he paid to transport to Florida. Now a cooperating witness who just made a plea deal can confirm Gaetz is a liar and a sex trafficker.

Radio host Joe Ellicott used to work in the Seminole County tax office with longtime Gaetz pal Joel Greenberg, who wrote a letter last year admitting that he and Gaetz paid and had sex with an underage girl, whom they trafficked across state lines.

Greenberg even called Gaetz to inform him of the girl’s age. And while Gaetz has denied the allegations, it turns out that Ellicott was in the room at the time of the phone call and can provide information to investigators about the brief conversation that took place.

According to the Daily Beast:

Although Ellicott has so far avoided any charges regarding sex trafficking of a minor, which Greenberg pleaded guilty to last May, he was present for the call that Greenberg made to Gaetz on Sept. 4, according to two people briefed on the matter. The call, they said, was short—and Gaetz was the one who ended it.

While the sources did not know whether Ellicott had discussed the call with investigators, his account would likely be of critical interest, since it would match a key claim Greenberg made separately in a confession letter. That letter is now in the hands of federal agents…

This puts Gaetz in even more legal jeopardy, especially since his former girlfriend recently testified against him. A conviction would absolutely end his political career and he would face prison time.

Gaetz has desperately attacked the allegations and the DOJ repeatedly over the last year, including in December when he threatened to target the DOJ should Republicans take over majority control of the House after 2022. He also recently claimed that the investigation is a “government operation” to frame him.

But with plenty of evidence, including communications and Venmo payments to the girl along with several witnesses, Gaetz’s denials have no merit. An indictment and prosecution should be forthcoming, perhaps before the 2022 Election when he stands for reelection. That is if he doesn’t resign in disgrace first.

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